Turn your concept into reality with a functional, streamlined and well-designed website or application. Custom-made for your needs!

Web Design in Wiesbaden, Germany

Carefully crafted

Unique design and pure code

Every design is created from scratch and coded manually using pure HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Advantages for you

Why is it interesting for you to know that I build websites from scratch and don't use ready-made templates?

  • More value in the long run

    A clean design and a clear project structure will help you avoid many potential problems and expensive maintenance updates.

  • Fast and secure websites

    Popular drag-and-drop templates often lead to slow and insecure websites, whereas a well-coded site or app will offer fast loading times and much better security.

  • Optimised for all devices and search engines

    A responsive design website (optimised for mobile and desktop) generates a higher SEO ranking and will ultimately improve your online presence.

Clean website design

My design workflow

Well-designed websites aren't just visually appealing but also help visitors understand your company's product(s) and branding. That means every element of your site is important and should serve that purpose. My workflow includes:

  • Defining clear goals and structure

    The first step is to discuss the goals of the new website, the general page structure and time needed for the project.

  • Visual design and content creation

    The next steps will be to organise your content and work on the visual style while staying true to your brand image and personal/company values.

  • Testing and launching your project

    After testing and making sure that everything works as expected, it's time to launch and tell people about your beautiful new site!

Responsive websites and apps for all devices

About me

Musician & Developer

I am a full-time professional orchestra musician and passionate part-time web developer who loves a good challenge.

Why I became a web developer

After spending a big part of my life concentrating solely on learning a musical instrument to the best of my abilities, I realised that I needed some additional challenges.

  • Music and computers

    If I had not studied music, there would be no Macintosh computers today. - Jef Raskin

    Okay, so I haven't developed a new computer (yet), but there are a lot of parallels between music and web development. If you want to hear more about this topic, contact me!

    What started out as a hobby many years ago, developed into a part-time career for me. The skills, dedication and creativity needed to learn to play an instrument and become a professional musician have helped me in my journey to become a web developer.

    Changing landscape

    Some people find the continuously changing landscape in the programming world disheartening but I've learned to love the challenge of learning new programming languages and staying up to date with current design ideas.

    Whereas many design agencies will quickly throw together a project based on generic templates, I take my time to create something that is unique und will fit your brand while paying attention to every last detail.

Web designer and developer in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Rheingau

My skill set

There is no 'best' framework or programming language. Rather than choosing an 'easy' solution like Wordpress, I decided to specialise in Javascript frameworks, especially Vue.js and Nuxt.js.

  • Static websites

    Most of my web projects are static websites built with Nuxt.js. There are many advantages in choosing this type of website, especially in terms of security, speed and hosting costs. A well-built website and optimised user experience mean greater customer satisfaction and bigger competitive advantage.

    Custom solutions

    I can easily extend the functionality of a static website by adding custom features such as:

    • Fetching dynamic content from an API
    • Handling user login and authentication
    • Connecting your website or application to a database
    • Adding a custom content management system
Good coffee and web development


Web design projects

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How to get in touch with me

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